The holiday season can be complicated when it comes to giving gifts. Personally, I prefer creating sweet treats rather than shopping at a crowed mall. Do-it-yourself gifts are not only extra special, but they can also be sustainable. This post will go into detail about these delicious plant-based truffles which made excellent Christmas gifts for my family and friends.


Personally, I like to stick with plant-based ingredients and focus on using whole and organic foods. Eating healthy is a challenge, especially around the holidays. Everyone loves sweet treats, and these truffles are not only delicious, but also healthy!


Grinding up seeds, nuts, and dates in a food processor creates a base which can be rolled into balls and either dipped melted chocolate or covered with matcha green tea powder. (I melted dairy-free dark chocolate bars on the stove with a bit of coconut oil.) I based my recipe off of one I discovered on Pinterest.


I used Trader Joe’s vegan cream cheese for the Oreo truffles. First, I crushed up Oreo cookies and mixed them with the cream “cheese”. I placed the mixture in the freezer for a few minutes to harden and then rolled out truffle-sized balls. I dipped them in the melted chocolate and immediately sprinkled gold sugar on top. Since these truffles are extremely sweet, they’re great for kids or those who aren’t as open to the healthy dessert trend. Here’s the recipe I based them off of.


The chia seed coated truffle (#2) was made by soaking raw cashews for 4 hours and processing them into a paste. I added dates, honey, vanilla extract, matcha green tea powder, and sea salt into a food processor. Next, I placed the mixture in the freezer for a few minutes. Finally, I created balls and rolled them into chia seeds. These are great for matcha tea loves, healthy dessert enthusiasts, and anti-chocoholics. This recipe was inspired by one I found on Pinterest.


From this Pinterest recipe, I also made the original mocha version. I added cocoa powder and brewed coffee (instead of matcha powder). Next, I coated the truffles with melted chocolate and sprinkled a mix of morena sugar and ground coffee on top.


Once finished, I placed the truffles into mini cupcake liners and layered them in reusable cookie tins. To ensure that these truffles remain tasty, I recommend storing them in the fridge.

A few tips:

  • Since these truffles are more labor intensive than the traditional version, they take a bit longer to make. I recommend setting aside half a day for stress-free cooking.
  • Make sure you have a decent food processor on hand.
  • Place freshly dipped truffles on top of wax paper and place in the fridge to cool.
  • Place a label on the tin listing each type of truffle and the ingredients. Emphasize that they’re a healthy alternative to traditional holiday desserts.

Enjoy 🙂