I’m currently attending private liberal arts college in the Midwest. Even though there are less than 500 students, there are multitude of opportunities. A few of the many opportunities relate to adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

  1. I always have assignments and social events consuming my time. This means that I barely have time to shop. This reduces unnecessary fast-fashion purchases/impulse buys and helps me save for legitimate expenses.
  2. They’re aren’t any fast food restaurants nearby (the closest one is 20 minutes away). This reduces waste and unhealthy decisions.
  3. Everywhere on campus walking distance so I only drive when I go out of town. I usually only use my car once per week to for a Target run or volunteer session at a co-op grocery store (which sells locally sourced and organic groceries).
  4. I’m the type of person that will eat whatever is set in front of me.  When I lived at home, fish, meat, and dairy products were frequently served. At school, eating plant-based/vegetarian is much easier. The dining hall has a variety of options (such as rice and beans daily) so I have plenty of other protein sources, and no parents to influence me.
  5. Going vegan is possible. I tried for a week but I noticed that I ended up consuming more processed food-like products. I’ve decided to be 95% plant-based.
  6. Water bottle filling stations are abundant. I can proudly say that I haven’t used a disposable bottle once!
  7. My school emphasizes recycling and composting. As a result, only about 20% of my trash actually goes to the landfill.
  8. Many students and faculty are sustainably-minded. This encourages me to follow my heart and aspire to improve the world, one thing at a time.