Since I strive to eat a plant based diet, eating out can be a challenge. Lulu’s on the other hand, proves that vegan alternatives actually taste good. I made this exciting restaurant discovery while exploring the hub of the St. Louis international community.

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I ordered the Carnitas Tacos. What intrigued me was the first ingredient “marinated and grilled jackfruit carnitas”.

Carnita normally means “little meats” but Lulu’s uses jackfruit instead. The appearance and texture rivals meat, and in my opinion, it tasted much better.

Did you know that growing jackfruit could provide a solution for countries facing food security? Here’s an informative article to enhance your knowledge.

The “carnitas” were placed on soft white corn tortillas and topped with diced onion, cilantro, salsa, and drizzled with a life-changing butternut squash cheese sauce. Best of all, this alternative Mexican meal cost less than $8!

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My partner in crime ordered the butternut squash enchiladas. They were a bit kale-heavy, but very delicious. Butternut squash, black beans, and kale were wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and topped with the butternut “cheese sauce”, salsa, and “sour cream”. A light sprinkle of roasted pumpkin seeds, green onions, and cilantro tied the dish together.

I love Lulu’s because:

  • 100% seasonally-based vegan menu
  • Most waste is composted/recycled
  • Some ingredients are grown in their restaurant space and even on top of their food truck!
  • Member of Greendining Alliance
  • They work with local farmers and sustainable organizations