The idea of living sustainability has recently been gaining momentum. This way of living began my junior year of high school. In my environmental science class, I took the ecological footprint quiz, and the results horrified me. At that moment, my lifestyle equated to  5.3 earths! Just think, there are over 7 billion humans on this planet. We simply cannot live this way.

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I want this planet to thrive, not just for myself, but for the future generations. The world doesn’t revolve around us. We share this planet with SO many diverse plant and animal species. Personally, I’d like them to stick around. Globally speaking, we NEED the biodiversity for our survival. Many of these species have been around well before humans, so lets pay them the respect they deserve.

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By adopting a more sustainable lifestyle we can reduce our detrimental footprints and inspire others to do so with sophistication. Living a sustainable lifestyle requires dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Are you up for the challenge?

Take this quick survey to see your ecological footprint.

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Upon entering college, I’ve been able to reduce my impact to the equivalent of 4 earths! That’s still not idea, but compared to 5.3, it’s progress 🙂

I challenge YOU to do the same!